1. Incredible value, and all-inclusive price (no extra fees for parking, meals, or ride tickets).

2. Getting hit with waves from all sides is just plain fun.

3. If they don’t already, your kids will think you are the god of awesomeness for booking the trip.

4. There are pools between rapids for swimming, water fighting and relaxing.

5. Your river guides are just about the nicest, funniest, coolest people on earth.

6. Our Local lunch is somewhere between incredible and amazing.

7. It’s good for the spirit to spend time on moving water.

8. Two words you’ll never hear on a Rafting trip: I’m bored.

9. Rapids come in all sizes; we take you to the ones that are family-size

10. You will get at least one photo that will be a guaranteed wall-hanger.

11. The sound of rushing rapids + laughter is one your family will never forget.

12. The family that splashes together stays together.

13. You can push your much-loved family members into the river.

14. Absolutely no iPods, iPads, iPhones, iComputers, or iDistractions allowed.  –It’s just you and the river!

15. Along with the fun, there is a lot to learn out on the Costa Rican rivers,  Families love that part

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