Canyoning and Rafting!

What an amazing group of guides and new friends. Logan and I went rafting and canyoning (my first time for both) while on our honeymoon in Costa Rica. The tour was recommended by many so we assumed it would be great.

From the start, every detail was measured perfectly. We were picked up in front of our hotel and the two drivers (who were also guides) were pleasant, humorous, and made us very comfortable, even at 7:00 am.

We started w/ canyoning (or repelling alongside waterfalls) and they were quick brief but informative on how to do the repelling. For a 1st timer, I felt like I knew what I was doing right away. While it’s a bit scary at first, the repelling is fantastic and easier than it seems.

All of the guides are there every step and make sure your safety is a priority. They move you along quickly so you barely have to wait. Each stop is different, the first was quite long and a good way to acclimate. The next is a jump into a plunge pool and it’s awesome. The end is 90′ and if you want you can jump all at once!

We had a quick snack then went to the rafting portion.

Rafting with Augusto and Carlos was fantastic. We left the canyoning area to head to the river, about 30 minutes away. They gave us a snack to hold us over till lunch.

Augusto (or Gussie for short, spelling??) was great on the bus, he was hilarious but informative and got everyone excited for the second part.

I have never been rafting so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m told the rapids were fantastic and much better than those with experience knew in the states.

we had 2 others in our raft plus our guide, Carlos. He led off with some instruction on what to do and was very helpful. Then we were off! Carlos made it easy. The reaction time must be quick but it’s so fun. You certainly get very wet! But it’s fantastic and never did anyone feel unsafe.

We breaked halfway for some fresh cut pina y sandia and then back to the raft for a more relaxing trip down the river (but still no lazy river)

Carlos would explain to us about the history of the country and the area and point out wildlife, he was very knowledgeable.

After the rafting was over we changed and back to the bus for a beer and then to lunch (arroz con pollo) and it was fantastic. We also had a brief sugarcane demonstration, which was really cool.

All in all, it was a 10 out of 10 and the company runs a great tour. Everyone was extremely friendly AND knowledgeable. It was a great day for anyone of all ages and experiences as they take safety seriously.


-Bathing suit.
-Wet shirt.
-Water shoes.
-Change of bathing suit and wet shirt if you are doing both.
-Change of dry clothes.

Get the pictures at both, $35 for each session and they are great!


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