White Water Rafting by Izzy

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The first minute was the worst part of it. It was slightly nerve nerve racking, you thought that were going to be knocked out of boat at any moment but I started to get the hang of it and found that it was really fun. Every thirty seconds we would go over a wave and get soaked. Near the end of the first set of rapids Frank lost his paddle after falling backwards into the boat for the fifth time and I had to give him mine 😡!

It was annoying but Carlos got us to turn around and he retrieved Frank’s paddle which was now mine. We continued down the river and came across the calm section where Carlos told us that we were allowed to get out of the boat and swim. I immediately got onto the side of the boat ready to get out but my mom said that if I was getting out then she was coming too. So we put our paddles in the back of the boat and jumped over the side.  Soon after that Marie and Carol followed.

My dad and Frank stayed in the boat. We were approaching more rapids and had to get back into the boat. We retrieved our paddles and began to paddle furiously and every now and then we had to get down holding our paddles in the air and pretty much get ready to get soaked. Because every time we hit a rock it caused a large wave to crash over us. We began passing other rafting groups that had stopped on the banks to take a break.

We were approaching another set of rapids when we saw this and we also saw two people in the boat in front jump out because they wanted to swim through the rapids! Every one in our boat thought that they were mental including Carlos because it was quite dangerous. After nearly crashing into the side of the bank, and me having to give up my paddle again because my dad had dropped his, we turned around and steered the boat to the opposite side and got out to get a snack.

After some surprisingly nice watermelon and pineapple, and telling my dad about earlier on when I whacked my self in the face with my paddle going over a bump which caused a numb line along my lip and nose, we set of again. The river stretched onward and our journey was nearly over. As we  bounced along the river we came across an intersection. I thought that we would take the wider route but we took the smaller one with a tree hanging of the bank. We had just started along the new stretch of river when Carlos told us to get down again and as we hit the rock a gigantic wave crashed over the boat engulfing us completely.

We made it out of the narrow river considerably wetter then before I might add, and made it onto the final section of rapids. We rowed our way through and parked the boat on the edge of the bank. We collected our oars and trudged up to the changing room to put some dry clothes on quite sad that it was over. We were quite tired after rowing for two hours and were quite glad that they were now providing drinks. My parents had beer and I an iced peach tea which was surprisingly nice.

We got back on the bus and drove to the farm where we would be having lunch. The food was good and my parents tried some of the coffee that had been made on the farm. After that we were taken on a sugar tour where we were given a pice of sugar cane to eat and a small glass.

At one point they asked for a volunteer and I was the only one who put their hand up so I went down to where he was standing and was told to turn the handle of a contraption.While I did this two people pushed a sugar cane through it to get the liquid out of it. It was hard work but I finished it and when I was done the man next to me started turning it while another man picked up the jug of liquid sugar and started pouring it into people’s glasses. It actually didn’t taste very nice and I didn’t ask for more.

Meanwhile the man now turning the machine had broken it because he had been turning it too fast. They also gave the adults some sort of sugar alcohol which was apparently horrible. We then headed back to the bus and were dropped of in town after tipping Carlos and paying for the pictures. We went back to the apartment and after a quick rest we headed back into town to get the ice cream that I had been promised that morning. My mom got coffee cake and I had one of  best mint choc chip ice creams ever.

Source: Izzy’s Costa Rica Diary

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