WAVE EXPEDITIONS – Release of Liability Form

Please read carefully and sign your name.

I know and understand the nature, scope, and extent of the risks involved in the activities that I will participate in with Wave Expeditions (Wave Tours S.A.). Wave Expeditions (Wave Tours S.A.) is a registered company that follows the guidelines and regulations signed by the President of the Republic under Decree No. 29421 - S -MEIC -TUR, which specifically in subsection D) indicates "White Water Rafting ": consists of manning and navigating rivers in moving waters ranked 1 to 5 according to their level of speed, water volume, and fall. The vessels will be of different types of material (rafts, kayak, duckie, oar boat, tires, inner tubes). The activities in which I will participate with Wave Expeditions (Wave Tours S.A.) and its subsidiaries have an implicit danger and my participation is at my own risk and responsibility. White Water Rafting is an activity that can cause serious injury or death. I am aware of its implicit danger.

In acknowledging in inherent risk through my participation in this sport, I release the company, its officers, directors, agents, suppliers, employees, from all liability, claim, demand, or action that may result from damage, loss, or damage to myself or my property, death, among others. I also confirm that I am not pregnant, do not suffer from heart problems, osteoporosis, or other physical conditions that may affect my performance in the activity. At the same time, I attest not to be under the influence of liquor or drugs that may interfere with my performance for this activity. If I have any special medical condition, I will notify my guide and take my medication along with me during the activity.

I agree I have read and acknowledged that the terms and conditions of the WAIVER OF LIABILITY AGREEMENT NOT TO SUE AND CLAIM AGAINST THE COMPENSATION should continue in full force and effect, now and in the future at all times and shall be binding on my heirs and administrators of my goods. I confirm that the above was explained to me on the trip and I have received instructions on what my role is during the trip and how to react in case of an emergency.

I have carefully read, understand, and voluntarily sign this document, and that I agree with what hereof, and my legal obligation extends to any participant whether this minor represented by his parent or guardian at the time, which will sign this document on his behalf. Also, I agree that the laws of Costa Rica govern this document and that any legal action you may have with Wave Expeditions (Wave Tours S.A.), directors, agents, suppliers, employees will be handled exclusively in the courts of Costa Rica.

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