What to expect when getting back on the river during COVID-19

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A message from Warner Baltodano and Vanessa Willing, co-owners of Wave Rafting

The way we do rafting has changed! The entire wave team has been dedicated to spending the past few months redesigning the way we raft and how to create amazing river experiences for our guests all while staying true to our commitment to minimize the spread of this disease.

We believe in the importance of spending time in nature and what an amazing experience it can provide, but only if we take all of the proper precautions.

We have outlined some important information for our guests of what is required of them and what they can expect from Wave Rafting in order to make an informed decision as to whether participation in a Wave Rafting Tour is the right decision for them and/or their family or group. This plan will change as government guidelines change and we monitor the effectiveness of the protocols outlined below. 

Thank you for choosing Wave Rafting for your amazing adventure on the river!


  • We recommend careful planning and packing of essential supplies in order to avoid stops for forgotten or necessary items. Each client must carry out their own repellent, sunscreen, etc. to avoid contact with other clients.
  • Face coverings will be required at our base office and in the transportation vehicles. There may be other points during the trip wear face coverings will be necessary so we are requiring guests to keep them handy at all times.
  • Our staff will remember the correct sneezing and coughing protocols.
  • Our staff and clients must maintain 1.8 meters distance during safety talks.
  • Cancelations – For bookings up until Dec 20, 2020 – we have suspended all cancellation and payment deadlines, penalties, and fees. Until we decide otherwise, you may cancel any time for a full refund.
  • Our regularly scheduled trips are running as usual with some extra safety precautions in place but You may want to consider booking one of our VIP or Private Tour rafting options that provide an extra level of precaution to those who prefer to stay in their bubble while on their rafting adventure. Our VIP option includes private transportation to and from the river where you will meet with the rest of the group at the put in. Our private guided trips include a private guide, private transportation, and a private river and dining experience just for your family or group. This is a great way to customize your trip in any way you want to make it the perfect river day.


  • Transportation capacity is reduced to 60%.
  • The tour’s operation capacity is reduced to 50%.
  • In each boat, the capacity will be a maximum of 4 people per raft plus the guide (unless traveling within your own social bubble with more than 4 pax)
  • Each group is managed with special logistics in time to avoid crowding.
  • All river gear and equipment will be sanitized and disinfected before and after use. Equipment will be used on a 2 to 3-day rotation.


A more rigid cleaning protocol with increased frequency has been implemented for our transportation vehicles, base camp office, and bathrooms.

  • Guests and Staff will be required to wear face coverings while in vehicles to and from activities
  • All Vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every use.
  • Increased frequency of cleaning our office and restrooms.
  • Handwashing stations are available at trip check-in locations and lunch stops
  • Vehicle capacity will be reduced to ensure greater social distancing.
  • Guests’ temperature will be taken before boarding the mobiles. Any guests who present a temperature above 100.4°F/38°C or higher will be asked to sit this rafting trip out and we will gladly refund the cost of your trip.
  • We ask guests to disinfect hands with soap and water before getting on the vehicle or before entering the base camp office


  • The rafting safety talk will be given on the bus during the ride from the Operations Center to the river put-in.
  • The guide in charge of delivering the equipment will have gloves and a face protection mask.
  • The guide in charge of checking that the equipment is well placed will have gloves and a face protection mask.


  • We plan to keep groups well-separated during orientation.  Sanitized personal equipment such as dry bags, splash gear, helmets, life jackets, etc. will be laid out on a group-by-group basis. Once you have collected your equipment, it is yours for the trip and it will be important to keep track of your gear, keep it separate and keep it within your Covid Bubble.
  • Instruction on how to pack and seal your dry bags and fitting your life jacket (with a buddy) can be done visually and from a distance.
  • If social distancing during the orientation proves problematic or the orientation area is crowded, we will move to another location and/or require face coverings for all.

On The River

  • Individual groups will be assigned specific rafts based on occupancy on the day of your trip. We will not allow switching from raft-to-raft unless this is done within your social bubble.
  • Paddle rafts are limited to 4 guests unless your group bubble has more than 4 people.
  • Masks are not required while on the raft however feel free to bring your cloth mask covering if you prefer to use it. The paper mask covering or plastic face shields will not be allowed while rafting for your safety.
  • River equipment, rafts, kayaks, and paddles will be cleaned with soap and water and sanitized each day before and after the river trip.
  • Stops for snacks or along the river will be conducted in such a matter that travel groups/bubbles will be kept together and separate from other groups. Face coverings will be required if social distancing becomes problematic such as put in or take out or from small or congested sites.
  • SAFETY EXCEPTION: All social distancing and sanitation guidelines are a secondary consideration when actions are required to protect a guide or guest from incident or injury


  • Each client picks up their own equipment and will place it in an area designated by our guide.
  • The guide in charge of each raft will be assigned a position in line for the use of showers and toilets.
  • The guide in charge of delivering the cold drink will use a face mask and gloves.
  • Before getting on the van, each client must wash their hands with soap and water.


  • The occupancy of the restaurant and lunch locations is reduced to 50% of its capacity.
  • The buffet will be served by restaurant collaborators who will use a face mask and gloves.
  • An order will be assigned per table to go to the buffet, keeping a distance of 1.8 meters.
  • Availability of soap, water, and disposable paper for washing and drying hands before getting to the restaurant.


All equipment and customer gear will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each trip.

Rafts, kayaks, paddles, and other common gear will be washed with soap and water, bleached and sanitized.
Customer gear such as life jackets and helmets will be washed with soap and water and sanitized after every use and on a 2 to 3-day rotation between use.