Costa Rica Entry Requirements

Starting 8 January 2022 hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos, shops, museums, art and dance academies, gymnasiums, resorts, and adventure tourism may admit only persons who are verifiably fully vaccinated. Authorized vaccines include Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca y Janssen. This must be verified by means of a QR code or the printed vaccination certificate from the guest. This requirement applies to all patrons 12 years of age and older at the current time.

Essential services such as supermarkets and pharmacies will not require proof of vaccination.

Exceptions to the presentation of the QR code of the vaccination certificate to enter commercial establishments are as follows:
• 1 Child under 12 years of age.
• 2 Tourists who have a medical condition, duly accredited, that makes it impossible to apply any vaccine approved by the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica.
The government has set a transition period. From December 1-January 7, hotels, restaurants, and other non-essential businesses either can choose to operate at 100% capacity and require full vaccination to enter, or operate at 50% capacity and not require vaccination. 
Question & Answer:
Question: What is “proof” and how do travelers get it?
Answer: Proof consists of a passport plus a QR code OR an accepted, printed vaccination certificate. The procedure for obtaining the QR code will remain unchanged. Visitors will fill out the “pase de salud” aka “digital epidemiological form” and upload an image of their vaccine proof.
How strictly will the requirements be enforced?
Answer: Of course it’s not acknowledged in an official publication but not all businesses will enforce the new rules. The penalties are significant for those that don’t (fine plus complete closure of the business for 15 days) but anyone who’s spent any time in Costa Rica knows enforcement is not predictable.
What does ‘fully vaccinated’ mean in Costa Rica?
Fully vaccinated is recognized as the total number of doses for every 2 vaccines indicated by the pharmaceutical company, with the final dose
having been applied at least 14 days prior to entry.
The indicated doses for each vaccine are:
• AstraZeneca/Oxford: 2-dose series
• Pfizer-BioNTech: 2-dose series
• Moderna: 2-dose series
• Janssen (Johnson & Johnson): single dose
How will international tourists obtain the QR code?
Tourists entering the country will promptly receive a specific QR code after their Health Pass (digital epidemiological form) application has been reviewed and approved.
They will be able to use their designated QR code to enter commercial establishments.
Will unvaccinated tourists be able to enter Costa Rica?
Yes, BUT… Tourists who are not fully vaccinated or have vaccines that have not been recognized by the World Health Organization will be able to enter the country and stay with family, friends, or in their own homes. They must complete the Health Pass and purchase a travel policy that covers COVID-19 care and quarantine if they are over 18 years of age. However, they will not be able to enter commercial establishments that require full vaccination, except for the established exceptions (essential services such as supermarkets, pharmacies, grocery stores, and hospitals are exempt from this requirement).
Country entry requirements
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